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the Icons of Atam Kcin
or Buddha Holly Icons™
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Sato (NHK)
Well, finally NEW icons to reveal to the world. Part two of my recent barrage of icons. The Code Geass ones includes a few major spoilers, so see with caution.

Since these are the last of the icons I already have prepared, it'll be a loooong while till I create some more, but be patient. Hopefully you won't be disappointed.


[36] Code Geass (R2 Spoilers)
[44] Soul Eater
[37] Tales of the Abyss
[10] Kamen no Maid Guy


lucshock03.gif image by nickBuddha lukegrumble.gif image by nickBuddha spiritblair.jpg image by nickBuddha

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5th-Jan-2009 12:09 pm - Affiliates Page
Tsubaki @ a Party
Here's my affiliates page. The page full of affiliates. Affiliates are welcome here. If you would like to affiliate with buddhaholly icons, then please leave your graphics journal's name, along with three samples of your work. Affiliates! =P

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Sato (NHK)
As promised, here's my second collection of icons posted a couple of weeks ago in my other livejournal.

I made ALOT during last year, so I condensed the collection into two piles, the other pile I'll post HERE shortly in a few days. Promise. I think it's better this way, I don't want to crowd one post with too many. From now on I'll give little by little, though still alot.

[54] Code Geass
[30] Soul Eater
[44]Gurren Lagann
[13] Etc.


Photobucket deathnosebleed01.jpg image by nickBuddha niapass-1.jpg picture by nickBuddha

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31st-Dec-2008 10:43 pm - First Barrage - 209 icons!
Tsubaki @ a Party

Alright, here's my 1st ever batch of avaters/icons I posted at my livejournal WAAAAAAYYY back in August.

Some look better than others, but I learned from these on how to make better icons. And they're still my work, so let's share! It's a BIG batch.

I'll exclude the one or two that have too high a file size.
[30] Death Note
[50] Soul Eater
[67] Code Geass
[06] The World Ends With You
[08] Serial Experiments Lain
[23] Gurren Lagaan
[11] Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
[14] Misc. 


Ryuk. God of Laughter.  Dammit Lelouch! Go to your room! Lain has all out internets.

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Tsubaki @ a Party
God I hope someone gets that reference or I'm screw'd ... I assume some should, it IS a Rolling Stone song and a wide majority of people have heard of them. If not, Guns N' Roses did a version of that song as well, which I liked more. I'm just saying, it's not too obscure a reference, so it should be fine ... I dunno ... OH YEAH, I'm introducing myself. DOY!

FYI: I am not the Devil, I'm just referred to as him most of the time.

Hello, i'm Nick. You may remember from such livejournal accounts as atam_kcin.

I created this community for me to post all my lj icons I normally post on my original lj. I will from now on post them here, and hopefully more frequently ... but no promises.

I usually do icons on recent animes, some old school animes, some obscure animes, also video games and sometimes movies. Basically, I make icons of whatever I want. So there. Some of them are artsy and I'm very impressed by how they turned out. Most of them are comical though, and I prefer those kind cuss I just like to amuse myself and others.

If you like my icons and wanna use them, feel free to. But give credit where credit is due. Me. atam_kcin.

Comments are welcome as well. It's nice to hear what people say about my work.

And if you wanna keep an eye on me, see updates on my work and such, please join my community. Anybody and everybody is welcome as long as you're cool by me (you probably are).

That's it. I will start posting my previous works from my lj account shortly (maybe tomorrow) and post new work soon (maybe next week). Until then, Rock On w/ Chosen Icons!
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